Jolene's Story

Our member, Jolene, is an incredibly kind, gracious and eloquent person. It’s always a pleasure to pick her brain on any topic and hear her perspectives. Read the interview below to find out more about Jolene!


1. What are you most grateful for in MDAS?

I’m grateful that MDAS has became like my second home, which provides me with care and support.

2. How has being with MDAS changed yours and your family’s life?

It made me more confident and comfortable with speaking. At the same time, it has boosted my self-esteem. I feel more at ease with myself now because I have the opportunity to spend time with other people who have MD, making me feel less alone and isolated.

3. What is your favourite programme/activity in MDAS and why?

My favourite activity in MDAS is the yearly Compass camp, which allows members like me to have fun and become more independent. This is good for my family as well - at the same time as the Compass Camp, MDAS organises and runs the yearly Caregiver’s Retreat - which reduces the burden of caregivers.   


4. What do you think more Singaporeans should know about Muscular Dystrophy?

I think people need to know that people with Muscular Dystrophy are normal people just like everyone else. We deserve to be treated like the rest. I also wish more people would offer help when they see that we need it.


5. What is one thing you’d most like to do in life that you haven’t done yet?

I would love to be given the opportunity to perform and sing.

MDAS Admin