Build Confidence and Gain Independence


Targeted at children and teens between the ages of 7 and 18, Compass encourages children with MD to gain exposure through hands-on and experiential learning activities. With the motto ‘Dare to Try’, these activities range from communication and self-awareness workshops to mobility training and even overnight camps.


A transitional programme to nurture and build the fundamental capacity of individuals with MD. Bridge empowers members to become ready for society and work through creating customised curriculums tailored to every individual’s needs in areas such as communication, life skills and vocational training, Bridge ensures a holistic development for every member and helps members take on responsibilities for themselves.


Like a beehive, B-Hive aims to nurture our MD members and equip them with the necessary skills to survive work, whether in a centre-based, home-based or open employment. They will be working (like the bees) together, motivating and sharing with each other their experiences. This in turn helps to reinforce a sense of self-worth and confidence among members. It also creates more opportunities for our MD members to be engaged in gainful employment and thus securing financial independence.