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As a part of the community in Singapore, you will receive support through our programmes as well as respite and the latest news in breakthroughs and research. We want to invite you to join our network of like-minded individuals to receive the love and support of our family. 


Types of Memberships


Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Memberships shall be opened to all persons who fall into one of the following types (with caveat stated in clause 8.2) :- 

1. Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy who are above 16 years old;

2. Individuals without Muscular Dystrophy who are above 21 years old and have a family member with Muscular Dystrophy;

3. Individuals without Muscular Dystrophy who are above 21 years old and have an interest to contribute.

All Ordinary Members aged 21 above shall have the rights to vote and hold office in the Association or the Constitution.

Annual membership fee: $20



Family Membership is opened to immediate family members of Ordinary Members who have at least one immediate family member with Muscular Dystrophy. Such members will do not have voting rights.

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

MDAS extends its membership privileges to all children, youth and adults with Muscular Dystrophy as well as their families.

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