COMPASS is a kids’ development programme that nurtures children with Muscular Dystrophy (MD). With a Dare-to-Try approach, we strengthen their life skills through experiential learning, so as to build their confidence and develop their resilience to face the challenges ahead. COMPASS offers a slew of exciting programmes for children and teenagers with MD and it allows them to embark on meaningful and interactive journeys of self-discovery as well as developing wells of inner strength in our younger members.

Members' siblings of the same age range are also strongly encouraged to participate in these activities to better appreciate the differing needs of their sibling. In addition, to promote family bonding, activities are also designed to involve the entire family.

Want to become an invincible, young super hero or heroine? Members aged between 7 and 18 are welcomed to join in our Compass programme! Do look out for our circulars.

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