BizPower is a centre-based programme that was implemented in 2007 with a two-fold mission: (i) to develop and enhance the vocational skills of our young adult members and (ii) to provide them with an opportunity to engage in gainful employment.

Due to severe physical constraints, some of our members who have graduated from mainstream education are unable to take on a full-time job in the open market. Nonetheless, alike their able-bodied peers, they too aspire to gainful employment and a degree of financial independence.

BizPower comes into the picture as a platform geared towards developing the skill sets of these young adults to improve their employability. Targeted training is provided to equip them with the technical know-how with regard to designing websites and printing collaterals, such as calendars, notebooks, cards, brochures and flyers.

The programme also stands as a source of inspiration and a viable alternative for our younger members who are still in mainstream education but look forward to gainful employment within their means upon graduation.

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